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22 Velodog

Zdravím kolegové.
Listuji v jednom cizím aukčním časopise a narazil jsem na náboj 22 Velo Dog (5,56x13). Měl by mít středový zápal a vytahovací drážku bez okraje. Střela je celoplášťová. Náboj bohužel nemá signaturu. Fotka je tak malá, že se mi to asi nepodaří vyfotit.
Nevíte někdo o něm něco bližšího.

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Actually, there is another “Velodog” cartridge, the .22 Velodog C.F. (5.65 x 13 mm) which is a rimless cartridge designed by Gevelot-Paris for a proposed self-loading “Velodog” pistol. It is described on a factory drawing from SFM dated 4 October 1904. The cases were made from the normal Velodog revolver case by reworking the brass inside and outside. The rim was turned off and an extractor groove and bevel created. The cases appear to have been headstamped prior to conversion, and are headstamped * S.F.M. * VELO DOG, with the edges of the letters missing due to the turning of the rim. My own specimen of this cartridge has that headstamp, which is still quite legible. I have no idea of the pistol, but it is believed to have been for the Galand company of Paris, who are the originators, it seems, of the Velodog revolver and cartridges. The cartridge is covered in Erlmeier-Brand, 1988 edition, catalog number 307A, page 338, and in an article that appeared in bulletin of the Australian Cartridge Collectors Association, number 101, from the year 2005.