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9x27 tempo

Can anyone tell me something about the 9x27 tempo cartridge?
I know there are 6 levels, and black no6 is rhe strongest. What kind of smokeless
Powder is loaded into? What is the use of the cartridge?

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The 9 mm Tempo are tool cartridges (for hand presses, jaws...). They were made from shortened 38 Special case. I suppose, that inside is normal pistol or revolver powder load with different weight. Boris LIZOŇ


Type of powder is S020-05.

type weight of powder color
No. 1 0,45 g white
No. 2 0,50 g green
No. 3 0,55 g yelow
No. 4 0,60 g blue
No. 5 0,65 g red
No. 6 0,70 g black

There are also other older different weights or colors.
For example, No. 2 with purple color, No. 3 with green color, No. 4 with 68 g. etc.


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Roman Straka

Hello, thank you for the informations :)
I never heard of s020-05, is this a type of lovex s020 powder?
How i can become a verified user?